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My tapestry entitled "Weather Forecast/ H2O" attempts to capture emanation, flux and the fleeting moment. The changes in the physical condition of the water I conveyed by means of various different materials. On the "dry" surfaces I used three different materials: wool, flax and chrysalis silk. In the case of the misty, "damp" surfaces I used metallic thread in addition to these three materials, while I put the rain onto these "damp" surfaces with the help of embroidery.
A contradiction seems to exist between the intention to capture the moment, namely the changes in physical state, and the "timelessness" of tapestries that last a long time, demand intense work and strive for enduring quality.
In order to solve this contradiction, in other words in order to convey the "rapid change" appropriate for modernity's concept of time, physical condition elements of my "eternal and infinite" "Weather Forecast" woven in tapestry could be changed in accordance with the actual forecast, by means of lighting controlled by a microprocessor.
The impact of accelerating time affecting our lives and our culture is dealt with by many persons, the more so because its increase brings us face to face with many issues. According to Edit Andras, "Right across the world the tendency to 'apply the brakes' as a counterbalance to these processes is making itself felt more and more. Moments suitable for interpretation, meditation and memory have been upgraded." This idea seems relevant to tapestry also. However, the "slowness" of the genre still seems anachronistic to many, despite the fact that it is precisely this "anachronisticness" - in other words, a slowness that strives for absorption and quality - that has facilitated the rebirth and the topicality of tapestry. As Hans Belting has put it, ".the classic art forms, to which we have already bidden farewell a countless number of times, live on despite all our expectations, actually drawing new strength from this and securing for themselves new liberty".